Learning to Drive is a Breeze

– Rose Nelson 

About Me

Rose Nelson is a friendly local driving instructor who has lived north of the river in Perth for many years. She is a mum of two beautiful boys who attend Primary School in Yanchep. Rose has over 20 years of driving experience with manual cars and motor bikes. With plenty of patience and a caring approach to teaching our younger generation, road safety knowledge with a smile.

Pricing and Packages

1 hour manual driving lessons $60
Buy 5 get one FREE Lesson package $300
Very First 1hr Manual Lesson with Bonus 1/2hr $60
1 hour Lesson and Driving test package $150
Driving test car hire only $120

Explore The Road With Rose

Yanchep Lagoon Motor School is dedicated to teaching road safety and safe driving to our future generations. We have a great little Suzuki Vitara that allows for higher seating position for greater visibility for learner drivers and other vehicles.

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